Great American BBQ Tour – Itinerary

July 7, 2011 — 1 Comment

Planning a huge BBQ tour of the USA beginning Sept 16th ending around October 14th; I need some help in the form of travel partners because, well… have you seen American portions? But I’ll conquer it alone if I have to! Here are the stops in Chronological order:

1st stop: Austin, Texas:
– of course we’ve got to check out Salt Lick BBQ, as well as a drive out to Lexington to check out some brisket at Snow’s BBQ

Next stop New Orleans:
Grits, Jambalaya, fried chicken, gumbo… we’re going to have breakfast at The Old Coffeepot Restaurant <– Check out their menu you know you want some!

Next, North Carolina:
THIS is the place for pulled pork and ribs apparently – check out the BBQ joint! It’s also where the basketball they filmed One Tree Hill is apparently, if you care.

And then, New York: Katz Deli, Daisy May’s, Kogi BBQ – if we have no money by now, we won’t have to step into a single restaurant!

After that KANSAS CITY – location of the great American BBQ festival!! And might as well pop by Oklahoma Joes

On the way home to Oz: Los Angeles just for an umami burger😀

Also planning to visit a chicken farm in Ontario if anyone is interested…

That’s just the food bit of my trip! Planning to hunt gators, cooking classes, attend sports events of any kind, musicals; if you’re interested – email me! What could be so awkward when there’s good food involved?? Probably not going to speak much when your face is full of glorious slow cooked meat and BBQ sauce!!😀 If you’re a chef, can also sort out some work experience and BBQ’s best!

Think about it – you know you want to!

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    *checks diary*

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