Whistler Farmers Markets – My Highlights

June 23, 2011 — 6 Comments

Love Farmers Markets all over the world, and Whistler’s got it’s own charming version that feels more local than touristy. Vendors from around town produce goods made with love, and wanting to make some extra cash for their efforts. It’s not exactly the cheapest goods around town, but if you want unique and high quality this is it. This goes from food, jewellery, art, photography (the most hectic nature/animal photography I’ve seen is in one of these stalls).

Out of the 35+ stands, there’s a lot of gimmicks and stuff that do not interest me, but my favourite food-related ones are the following:

 This, my friends, is the REAL mystery box. for $30 a week, you get a box full of fresh vegetables and herbs from Pemberton (An hour north from Whistler, famous for the vegetables, especially their potatoes). You’re not sure what you get, just whatever is growing that week – I call that real sustainability and use of local produce! I hope there’s some wild mushrooms this week; I’ve picked the life out of all the spots I know.

Free Samples!! This lady selling her own sauces, I swear there was soy sauce in it, and the ingredient list says ‘soybeans’, so naturally I asked if it was real soybeans or soy sauce: “*awkward*.. it’s a secret recipe.” lol at homemade labels. Nice sauce though! Tequila and lime bbq mmm…

Fresh squeezed juices to order!! With a manual squeezer! This dude wasn’t exactly pro though so took a while but that’s fine – it’s fresh! But cut down on the ice next time please!

Old lady who bakes her own bread! First come first serve!

Talking about bread…
My friends from Purebread!! Jeez they were crowded; they’ve been at these markets for I don’t know how long (I really don’t); but the masses speak for themselves – best bread in Whistler!

Debut this year: Australian meat pies and sausage rolls!! All with handmade pastry – which I couldn’t take a photo of because it was deliciously crumbly and meaty!

Managed 5.

 These tomatoes. So. Good. Snacked on a box while visiting the rest of the market.

Cabbage rolls from the ‘Transylvanian shop”. Flavour bomb.

None for you puppy!

Maple syrup sticks – frozen in front of your very eyes! What a show.

This dude from Squamish (30 mins south of Whistler) grows his own salad herbs – but he sells at the point where they’re not micro greens, but not fully grown either  – getting the best of both worlds!

I want to show more on the live music, fresh made salsa stand, the outdoor climbing wall, the chilli tank (it’s a real military tank) – but it’s too much; just come and have a look for yourself and see what Whistler locals have to offer!

And this horse is SO doped up. As my farmer friend puts it; “if that horse was in a normal state, he would have kicked those kids in the face by now!” CHARLIEEEEE!!

Whistler Farmers Markets – Every Sunday 11-4pm
check their website for more details: http://www.whistlerfarmersmarket.org/

Okay, just for Simon, the chilli tank:

6 responses to Whistler Farmers Markets – My Highlights


    Nice to see you’re still keeping up with the blog!

    Looks like a nice day at the markets. I’m curious to see what a chili tank looks like🙂


    Stop mentioning Charlie, peoples – he’s haunting my days! *ring ring* Hello? *ring ring*


    charlieeeeee! ring ring ring ring


    lol! Awesome, thanks dude🙂

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